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The Big Sky and the Palm House

Amelia Stein


The Gallery's first solo exhibition of Dublin born artist, Amelia Stein, presenting two distinct series of photography.

The Big Sky images were made over recent times in the epic landscape of Co. Mayo. Working with traditional film, the large format, hand held Mamaiya, translates truthfully the drama of light, weather and isolation that descends on this corner of Ireland. In each composition the sky envelopes the presence of man, a shed, a ruined cottage, a half-open gate. The narrative may seem familiar but the technique feels almost painterly.


The Palm House photographs were made in 2001 in the Great Palm House in the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin. It took two years to complete this series allowing time to record seasonal changes in the lives of the tropical planting, the unique pot and tub culture and all the nuances of light refract through the glass of this great Victorian building prior to its restoration.


A limited edition copy of the accompanying publication with an introduction by John Banville & a single print included, is available for purchase.

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