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No Real Horizon

Donald Teskey

No Real Horizon sees Limerick born artist, Donald Teskey return to the mysterious Northwest counties of Mayo and Sligo. Moving from the coast and heading inland the act of painting attempts, in the artist’s words “to define the ethereal”. The visual appearance of the land and sea changes from defined, clear, solid to almost vanishing the following day.

For Teskey much of the motivation to capture the sense of what he sees is the search to represent the illusory. Taking its title from a phrase in Derek Mahon’s poem 'The Lady from the Sea', No Real Horizon refers to the rather constrained condition limited by habit, habitat and hopelessness of the female character in Mahon’s poem.

Teskey’s works interpret the connection between prehistory and the land and man’s emergence from the sea. Unknowingly the exhibition has touched most of the themes in Mahon’s poem. Unknowingly, as the paintings were made before the artist found the poem.

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