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Ocean Frequency

Donald Teskey

Ocean Frequency is a cycle of new paintings that allows the viewer to examine the natural world with its all-encompassing vigour through the eyes of an artist who has spent twenty years making this his primary concern.

In a number of works, Teskey has deployed a visual artifice that he first used earlier on in his career. The effect can appear as airborne interventions that make for an unexpected atmosphere, taking the confines of formal painting into an abstract world.

Donald Teskey has become arguably one of the best known landscape painters of his generation. Never afraid to introduce urban aspects into formal landscape painting, he has devoted much focus to observing and painting the relentless and elemental nature of coastline and the sea. Having spent a wintery period in 2011 on a residency at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Co Mayo, he has become more fluent in the drama and vividness of the northwest Atlantic coastline.

Included in the exhibition is a series of acrylic on paper painted during the same residency. The series of ten individual observations records stages of a journey as the artist turns away from the coast and journeys through Sheskin forest and the adjacent hills and bogland of North Mayo before returning once again to the ocean's edge.

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