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Group Exhibition


This Winter Group Exhibition entitled ‘Hibernation’ featured both, gallery artists as well as guest artists and secondary market works.

Works date from the 1960’s to present day and include works on paper, collage, photography, sculpture and painting.


Gallery Artists:

Katherine Boucher Beug, Colin Davidson RUA, Jason Ellis, Sean Hillen, Stephen Lawlor, Hughie O’Donoghue RA, Patrick O’Reilly, Amelia Stein RHA, Donald Teskey RHA, Joseph Walsh, Keith Wilson RUA

Guest Artists:

Angela Fewer, Miseon Lee, Ed Miliano, Nest Furniture Design, Laurence Riddell, Stephanie Rowe


Secondary Market Works:

John Beech (b.1964), William Crozier HRHA (1930-2011), Alan Davie (b.1920), Alex Katz (b.1927), Patrick Scott HRHA (1921-2014), Michael van Ofen (b.1956)

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