Jeff Schneider

Jeff Schneider is an American artist born in 1960. He received his BFA in 1983 from Miami University and worked as an Art Director in commercial design with the John K. Howe Company. He received his MA in Fine Art in 1989. Schneider moved to New York City in 1990 to pursue his career in art. Schnieder’s current body of work began after he came across a piece by the poet, Carl Phillips. The simple poem seemingly based on trees became the jumping off point, not only because of the words or the story they expressed, but also the structure and rhythm of the piece. His paintings are often divided into two or more parts and from these elements different characters come into play. The figures and portraits derive from a variety of resources to create tensions, states of mind and moral uncertainties. Like Phillips’ poem, realistic perceptions are transformed into an abstract game giving the work a double capacity of functioning both as a narrative and an abstract picture.

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