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Jeff Schneider &

Nest Design

Schneider is an American born artist, based in New York. He has a BFA from Miami University and won a graduate scholarship to the University of Cincinnati. The recent body of works are paintings made in response to the poetry of Carl Phillips, notable for its classical roots and lyrical rhythm. Schneider’s paintings are often divided into two or more panels with figures inhabiting one element and an abstracted pattern the other.

The stylized, heavily silhouetted figures may appear romantic but they strike poses that conjure emotional uncertainty and moral doubt.

Nest Design is the studio set up by Neil and Annabel McCarthy in 2000 based in South West France, specializing in solid timber furniture. For this exhibition they have brought together a collection of tables and chairs in their signature style of a highly polished coloured and transparent lacquers. Here, the natural colours of walnut, maple and olive are set against brilliant reds, blues and greens. There are strong design influences from the automotive and haute couture worlds and their work is well represented in prestigious collections including Chatsworth House and The National Museum at Collins Barracks.

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