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Katherine Boucher Beug

Man-made found objects (timber planks and door handles) and organic found objects (branches and snail shells) underpin constructions that seek to interpret the physical world that surrounds the artist in her West Cork studio, her fascination with the universe and her relentless creative energy. This is an exhibition that falls into three parts. There are three dimensional works, large canvases, and subtle watercolours. All interrelate, a reminder of the different aspects that go to make up the self.


Taken together, the works reveal an individual and unique language. Built on the artist’s research into colour theory; and from the already mentioned chess-game sensibility to the deft haiku-like sculptures and watercolours, these works create a lively exchange that reaches out to the viewer. The exhibition creates a conversation that lives on in the mind, as well as in these beautifully rewarding, and tantalisingly puzzling works of art.

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