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A Change In The Air

Keith Wilson


The Gallery's first solo exhibition by Belfast born, Mayo based artist Keith Wilson. For many years he has created images of places and objects in response to his immediate surroundings. The resulting drawings, paintings and prints relate to very particular sites which are highly specific and personal, yet hopefully universal. Some recurring motifs have been ditches, open fields, roads, boundaries and puddles. He is constantly involved in trying to capture the essence of a place and describing how one can retrace one’s footsteps, look again and take time to think, often working ‘in series’ to accentuate this notion of looking again and returning. This exhibition of new work explores this notion; how we get our bearings when we are away from home, the importance of finding one’s place, and reacting to what is right on one’s doorstep. His aim was to make the everyday apparent, appreciated and intriguing and was interested in emphasising a stillness and tranquillity through his work, ignoring the spectacular and getting closer to the more ordinary aspects of a particular setting.

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