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We Make the Path by Walking

Paul Gaffney



We Make the Path by Walking, is a direct response by the critically acclaimed photographer Paul Gaffney, to his 2012 experience of walking more than 3,500 km through Europe. The images recorded this journey and presented an emotional diary that reflects the changing mood of the walker rather than an historical document of sign-posted places. 

Throughout the series of photographs the viewer certainly observes the beauty of the landscape but, more importantly becomes immersed in the sense of an epic journey and the gamut of sensations that accompany the lone walker’s quiet solitude.

An accompanying photobook -  We Make the Path by Walking - was nominated for the Photobook Award 2013 at the 6th International Photobook Festival in Kassel, Germany and shortlisted for the European Publishers Award for Photography. The book was selected for several 'Best Photobooks of 2013' lists, including Photo-Eye and The British Journal of Photography.

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