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A two person exhibition by Co Clare abstract painter, Samuel Walsh and the late, County Limerick wood turner, Liam Flynn.

Unknown Territory

Samuel Walsh

Unknown Territory is Sam Walsh’s second exhibition at the gallery. Recent small scale works on paper and on canvas reprise the artist’s foremost concern of depicting observation and emotion in his own long studied abstract language. The works on paper rely more on coloured lines for depiction while the paintings are bolstered with fields of colour. In addition, works from the 2001 Airborne scenes are being shown. Rich, graphite images on paper, these works are intensely personal. Here, the artist tries to represent the complexities of combat drawing on the wartime experiences of his father. Of this series the artist writes "I hope they describe the feeling of travelling over an unknown territory, known initially and only by observing plans or maps and entering it at an elevated position."

12 Oak Vessels

Liam Flynn


The late Liam Flynn, was a regular exhibitor at the gallery. Throughout his career he continued to innovate using a technique of turning wood that is more than three thousand years old. Using oak as his sole material the timber is first turned while still green allowing later seasoning to effect shape and form. Within these dozen vessels are references to footed cauldrons, fluted silver vessels, and earthenware urns from antiquity. Flynn took the concept of a vessel, applied expert technique and created an exceptional fine art object. The visibility of fine art values within the traditional applied art context is becoming ever clearer.

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