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Sasha Sykes


“The Caliology series initially sprang from a private disgust at the oppressive modern worship of technology, but in the making became something much more celebratory; the method and expression of a profound personal desire to reconnect with my rural surroundings.”

Observing the architectural skills of her local feathered friends, Sasha became intrigued and obsessed by the entirely functional, filigree-like structures they create, hidden all around us. She also became curious about the hugely popular hobby of collecting nests in previous generations, and wanted to explore and experience the passion and wonder that fired these armies of forgotten amateurs.

Working with hand-cast clear resins has allowed Sasha to render and expose the workings of these delicate creations with a solidity of which former generations of caliologists could only have dreamed. While nests are still sometimes woven of nothing but twigs and moss, often baler twine, plastics, thread and other traces of scavenged man made materials are employed, imbuing the ancient story of the nest with new layers of meaning.

Each nest - used, abandoned and now re-presented in a previously un-imagined way - is here revealed as a work of art. Above all, Caliology is intended as a visual testament to the inspiring, uplifting and undiluted genius of instinct.



Sara Flynn


Sara’s work concentrates on the challenges of thrown forms, which are then altered and changed at varying stages of the drying process, producing sculptural decorative vessels. In essence, the major concerns of her work deal with a love of the process of throwing, an on-going relationship with porcelain and a fascination with the theme of the vessel, in both literal and abstracted interpretations.

Sara’s career began producing small-scale functional pots, moving entirely into making one-off unique vessels which are entirely sculptural in their intent.

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