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What’s Wrong? With The Consolations of Genius

Seán Hillen

Seán Hillen’s historical works have circulated widely in the Irish conscience for a generation. Having made the most famous satirical images of the Troubles, he created a new body of work in the nineties entitled Irelantis. These images perfectly mirrored the swollen angst and fantasy of Celtic Tiger Ireland.

The new body of work uses images from the 9/11 atrocities, major Irish literary figures and scantily clad beauties to create a picture of a new paradigm, one where nothing seems to be reliable or certain.

In these extraordinary times in the Irish State, it is the intelligence of the critical eye that makes the difference. Seán Hillen has not lost his touch.

For further information on this exhibition please visit Seàn’s website:

What's Wrong? with The Consolations of Genius

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