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sleep / wake / dream

Stephanie Rowe

Oliver Sears Gallery is pleased to present the second exhibition by Canadian born painter Stephanie Rowe.


The new paintings continue the artist’s confection of peopled interiors in a very small scale cadre. While the characters in the scenes necessitate human to human interaction, the artist does not afford them more status than the furniture, clothes or other objects that prop up the drama. The handling of the paint is confident, refined and always meticulous.


The artist writes “My work continues to be based on film extractions, filtrated and repurposed for paint. I work to piece together film fragments, disrupting narratives all the while exploring the language of film from various eras. New narratives emerge in the painted extractions. The stills also inspire exploration of formal qualities of the paintings; the shifted colours,  the play of light, the rise of various shapes and forms.”


Born in Toronto, Stephanie Rowe relocated to Dublin in 2005. She graduated with a BA in Visual Arts from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. Her work has been shown in various commercial and public galleries in Dublin, London and Vancouver.


She was selected for ‘Futures 12′ at the Royal Hibernian Academy. Also at the RHA in 2012, she was co-awarded the Hennessy Craig Scholarship. 

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