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Ten Night Paintings

Colin Davidson

Painting is Davidson’s foremost endeavour. The portraits came when the artist was in his early forties. He had already completed a series based on reflections in shop windows and another of Belfast cityscapes. His first nude paintings were made more than twenty years ago. While it is true that much technical skill and a way of seeing was brought from his previous work in particular treatment seen in his portraiture, it is also the case that this period of painting large scale human faces has added a further dimension of understanding to these ten nudes. Davidson does have a particular style, code, and yes, language which translates from one subject to another and what is most apparent is the facility and natural ability to put paint on canvas. The paintings range in size from the 117 x 127 cm scale, familiar to his portraits, down to 30 x 28 cm and in each case Davidson has successfully avoided academic cliché creating quietly dynamic dramas that are imbued with human voices that Davidson expresses so personally.

The exhibition catalogue for Ten Night Paintings is available for download:    

Ten Night Paintings Catalogue

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