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Works from the Studio

Barrie Cooke

(1931 - 2014)

Works from the Studio, is a collection of paintings, watercolours and drawings from the studio of the late Barrie Cooke. In collaboration with Barrie Cooke’s heirs, Oliver Sears Gallery curated an intimate exhibition spanning almost fifty years of practice.

A 'Sheela-na-Gig' from 1960 is the earliest work in the exhibition and a series of watercolours made at Cill Rialaig in 2008, the latest. Landscapes from South Africa and New Zealand, a bone work from 1972, a classic Cooke nude from 1986, a portrait of John Montague and a 'Big Hot Tub' painting represent other established periods brought together in this mini survey.

Barrie Cooke had a long and illustrious career. His approach to the environment was as sincere as it was unsentimental. This aesthetic was a response both to the intellectual and the beautiful. In our times of heightened political awareness, Cooke’s values hold an honesty we would do well to cling to.

An on-line catalogue of the work is available on the link below:

Barrie Cooke, Works from the Studio

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