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Where the Light Falls

Keith Wilson

For many years Keith Wilson has created images of places and objects in response to his home studio environment, works which are highly specific yet universal. Where the Light Falls forms part of an ongoing investigation that represents a consistent interest in the importance of place over time. The works can be divided into three interlinking elements. Works in oil capture the luminosity at different times of day within individual trees or treescapes.  A set of 12 small scale black and white conté on paper landscapes draw the viewer to the light by accentuating the shadows. ‘Falling Light’ is a more abstracted composition of thirty-five standalone small panel observations of light falling through windows into an interior space. New developments hint at a recent preoccupation with the effects of sunlight. Wilson has recorded how it silently moves within an interior space, noting the manner in which it falls, transforming, animating and constantly refreshing familiar places. This investigation of light has been critically important in the progression of new work.


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